Flight of Ponyo

Sketch. It didn't change much.

Sketch. It didn't change much.

My own version of one of my favorites scenes from the movie, made for a Studio Ghibli tribute called “Sueños en el Viento” by Colectivo Ouroboros which opened on November 15th, 2014 at Urban Pizza in Mexico City.

I really felt inspired by this movie and when the opportunity came to draw something inspired by it, I didn’t want it to be a blue sea piece (too obvious), the romance between Ponyo and Sosuke was really cute but what had the most impact on me was when Ponyo defies her father and does everything in her power to become human. So cheesy, I’ll go chop some wood now, or grill a steak or whatever.

Disclaimer: Ponyo belongs to Studio Ghibli.

August 10, 2019